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Skeleton Squad Halloween 2019

Thousands of people, including many families, were drawn to Granary Square, in Argent’s King’s Cross/St Pancras development, by the sound of drums on Halloween this year.

A squad of ghostly illuminated skeletons were heralded by a couple of giant skeleton puppets and a mysterious Mistress of Ceremonies who urged parents to part with their children so that the little ones could have an impromptu dance lesson with the drummers, before coming out to perform.

Extra skeleton suits in all sizes were provided by Kit & Caboodle. Other children queued to have their faces painted while waiting for the shows to begin. There were lots of bags of candy distributed (but only after checking with the responsible adult, many of whom wanted their own bag of treats, never mind the children!).

Despite the eerie effect of the drummers and the leaping skeletons, there was a feel-good family atmosphere at the event which helped even the smallest of witches and hobgoblins to cope with being out and about on the scariest night of the year.

Hopefully the 2500 guests went away with exciting memories rather than nightmares.

Kit & Caboodle love working with Argent to create unusual experiences on their ever-expanding site at King’s Cross – where commuters, residents, office workers and tourists are drawn by the new shopping areas, the trendy eateries and, of course, the occasional experience engineered by our team, the quintessential purveyors of WOW!

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