50th Anniversary at Frenchgate


Kit & Caboodle were commissioned to design and construct a versatile modular retail exhibition kit to showcase a range of products including fashion, games consoles and paintings. The design needed to have a celebratory feel, to fit in with the 50th anniversary celebrations at the Frenchgate shopping mall in Doncaster.


The client, MAYNINETEEN, offer live retail experiences and sought to achieve excellent design kit within which to stage their experiential showcases on behalf of a wide range of clients.


K&C designed a flexible series of units which could be re-configured to a wide range of different “looks” in order to fulfill the differing needs of the changeover from client to client, made feasible by the training of the kit’s handlers, with minimal need for structural adaptation. The principal showcase was to exhibit fashion over 50 years, updated monthly. Individual brand graphics were produced to enable the units to be flexibly branded at changeover.

  • Creative concept & design, build, production, and team management

  • Photo/media booth, gaming area, reception, display cases, public seating

  • March through to December in situ - Phase 1