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Honda Frankfurt Motor Show

“If we never venture into the unknown, how do we get anywhere new?”

We were asked to create an experience which would deliver the best possible platform to launch the Honda Civic. Our experiential marketing concept had to deliver something that would truly stand out from the crowd, give guests and event experience like never before whilst ensuring that key media figures would be talking about the launch for weeks to come. We made sure that we delivered a conversation that would allow guests to take away key Civic messages whilst engaging in an experience which 'steals the media hour'.

Honda Civic drivers want to venture into the unknown and experience new things, we had to make sure that this was translated in our approach to their audience. Our services included creative event concept, design & production for Honda civic car launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show. By taking Honda's core company values of discovery, featuring bold graphical cues and an accomplished technical reveal of a suspended car. The car was suspended 70 feet above the heads of the guests, and after this unique entrance, the car became the star of the show.

We worked with technical partners to deliver a show-stopping event for Honda on behalf of Amplify. Clever directional clues and messaging to guide the international press around the 8 event spaces, including a bespoke designed cinema, terrace and grand atrium where the car was revealed.

The event set the standard at Honda, for presenting new cars to the media. At the event, the car was revealed to 400 industry leaders in the automotive industry.

We were responsible for the design, construction, logistics, tech production, hire, staging and staffing.


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