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I-Tech Christmas Party


Kit & Caboodle love nothing more than to imagine, design and deliver epic event experiences, so we were excited to be commissioned again by i-Tech, an uber-cool gaming industry team of experts split between London and Warsaw, to put on a Winter Party to celebrate many of their team’s ability to meet up face-to-face rather than from their laptops. The client company enjoys a culture similar to our own – and looked to K & C to provide a feel-good experience that would reflect their in-house culture of relentless epic-ness.


Following a venue search of over a dozen potential London sites, it was agreed to stage the party at Park Village, just a stone’s throw from the client’s Camden offices. Given a theme of “Out of This World” – the design team were itching to get started. Initially the guest list included 350 invitees and a hybrid entertainment component. This expectation was later reduced to 165+ guests , but the palpable sense of excitement buzzed through the client’s staff team and plus ones for weeks beforehand. On opening the gates, there was a rush to step into a Forbidden Planetary experience,


From the seven-foot alien waiting to bump elbows with unnerved guests at the entrance, to the waiting staff in their silver astronaut suits and pink wigs, never mind the flying saucers and the many weird and wonderful experiences in the Disco Galactica and The Time Travellers’ Lounge, this party experience really was “out of this world.”

  • Venue research and securing

  • Creative concept & design, build, production

  • Complex build/rig and de-rig

  • Immersive experience

  • Management of audio/visual

  • Management of bespoke lighting

  • Logistics & operations

Performance/activation support

  • Bespoke performance, dance and bar installations

  • F & B commissioning and supervision

  • Event photography/videography

  • Health and Safety compliance including Covid-19 protocols

  • Heritage/Conservation area venue protocols observed

  • Additional toilet facility commissioned


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