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BID Fleet Street Quarter | The BIG Picnic

A picture-perfect 'Coronation event' to celebrate community spirit


The Challenge

How do you put London’s #FleetStreetQuarter on the map as THE standout place to be during a national Springtime weekend of events and celebrations to mark the coronation of King Charles III?

Insight and Ambition

The client, a local BID, wanted an event that would increase footfall and retailer engagement around three main areas: Carter Lane, Breams Buildings & Gough Square. Working closely with Four Communications to achieve this, K&C orchestrated ‘The Big Picnic’ event to entice colleagues and friends, residents and office workers onto the streets to celebrate together in the fresh air, enjoying promenade performances, shared food and even exploring new experiences by participating in street art.


Bespoke graphic artwork brought a cohesive, feel-good floral vibe to the entire quarter, from table covers to posters and street vinyls to gazebos. Central London’s largest single picnic table for people to share laughs, food, memories and good times - attracted lots of selfies from participants. Flower & Hedge walkabout performers brought unexpected and delightful surprises. Free pop-up art classes, complete with easels and aprons. Fleet Street Quarter acclaimed this event as trendsetting and incredibly successful, gaining national media coverage.

Featured by the BBC in their round-up Coronation coverage 

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