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social & digital amplification

"90% trust peers on social networks (even strangers); only 15–18% trust brands" - Danny Brown

​We know that understanding the role of social and digital media in optimising the impact of events on and through your markets, is critical to amplifying your brand.


​Integrating social and digital media into your event is now an industry standard.  Now more than ever this integral part of conveying and amplifying your brand past the attendees at the event. This is now factored in as early as the concept stage.  How will the integration work? What should be posted prior to the event to engage audiences? What extent of social media specific assets should be within the event? Working with influencers and brand ambassadors to ensure budgets are not exceeded but results achieved. Afterwards, how will you collate the impact on social and digital media channels for feedback?​

In this ever-evolving element to not only the world of events, but the world in general, Kit & Caboodle can offer insight and expertise in tackling the questions and challenges that arise when integrating social media before, during and after your event. Whether using tried and tested methods for social and digital amplification or pushing the boundaries to excite and engage the audience.  By ensuring smart social and digital amplification throughout the lifespan of the event, will reinforce brand loyalty and continued engagement long after the doors close to another successful brand activation.

"I think it’s been an amazing event. It’s really different to anything that we’ve done before and it really brought together a different creative to what our brand uses – this tied it all together a bit. Absolutely fantastic, I thought, on Kit and Caboodle’s part. I think the project was a real success, it really brought the Krispy Kreme Americana feel and brought a different element that customers have never seen before from Krispy Kreme. Every customer that I spoke to that came in had a fantastic time - it wasn’t what they expected but it really showed them a different element of Krispy Kreme and they really enjoyed it"




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