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Link walling

We have 2,250 units of this amazing product available in flight cases for incorporation in events or interior decor.


Manufactured from expanded polypropylene, traditionally used in the packaging and automotive industries, the Link system has proved to have imaginative creative uses for the contract furniture and interiors market.


The Link units are robust, almost unbreakable, and have a springy, flexible quality. This lightweight screening system is comprised of modular parts which slot together with a slight squeeze. 

This extremely versatile product is great for conference or event staging and can be set up in a multitude of stunning configurations. The pieces also can be used to provide acoustic modular screening to contain noise within an artistic structure.


The screening system is quick to erect and re-configure for use at exhibition and event spaces. It is available for independent hire or for incorporation in event design undertaken through Kit and Caboodle Ltd and its partner organisations.

Available for hire or purchase. Please contact us for details. 

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