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Kit and Caboodle Experiential Event Prod
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Cultivating Connections between Brands, People, Places & Culture

We are an internationally renowned, award-winning, creative experiential agency. Home to a powerhouse network of visionary creators, vibe engineers and disruptive designers who are Architects of Happiness, dreaming up legendary immersive experiences that awaken wonder and ignite joy. Our coveted team of creatives use emotional alchemy to stir curiosity and uplift the human spirit. The extraordinary experiences we design cultivate connections between people, places and brands, generating compelling content with positive impact.


Over the past two decades we have mastered the art of storytelling and curating unparalleled events. Working with change makers and culture shakers in a broad spectrum of industries we have established ourselves as the gold standard in experiential event creation. We delve into the rich tapestry of cultures represented by our clients and their audiences, crafting bespoke events that not only resonate profoundly but also evoke powerful emotions and leave lasting memories.


Whether it’s crafting a buzz-worthy product launch, elevating community interaction within the public realm, curating an unforgettable private event or cunning stunt, we’ve got the expertise to deliver perfection, transcending the highest expectations time and again. What sets us apart is not just our diverse individual talents, but the collective strength of our incredible global network. Our Architects of Happiness are the best in the business and our vast experience means we are capable of bringing even the most ambitious visions to life. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we can unlock opportunities that others simply can't. 


When you dare to explore, the possibilities are boundless. 


Let’s have some fun.

Home to a
powerhouse network of visionary creators,
vibe engineers and disruptive designers.

Event Production Awards’ 2024 Winner Creative Agency of the Year

Our Services

Our Values

Integrity. Quality. Innovation

Our Culture

Creative. Curious. Culturally Connected

D&I Statement

Kit & Caboodle have continually demonstrated passion for and commitment to diversity and inclusion at every level of the business. The company’s leadership recognises that its diversity programs are a sound business strategy for growth and sustainability. Our team’s commitment is upfront and visible, and wholeheartedly supports the initiative which is crucial to the company’s success. 

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Our Culture

At Kit and Caboodle, we harness the vibrant energy of the world to inspire innovation and drive creativity. Our team, a mosaic of diverse talents and perspectives, embodies the synergy of a culturally rich society. We celebrate individuality and encourage our team to embrace their unique viewpoints, fostering inclusivity and openness. This culture of creativity knows no bounds, as our multidisciplinary experts collaborate to create extraordinary immersive experiences. Driven by curiosity, we push boundaries and set trends, drawing influence from cultural communities to craft resonant experiences that foster meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

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Equality & Diversity

At Kit and Caboodle, we are committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work as Architects of Happiness. We believe that embracing diversity enriches our experience , enhances our performance, and fosters a culture of belonging where everyone feels valued and respected.

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At Kit and Caboodle, we recognize the immense responsibility we hold as award winning leaders in our field to shape a more sustainable future for our industry and beyond. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere rhetoric; it's a guiding principle that permeates every aspect of our work. We understand that true change requires collective action, which is why our approach to sustainability is people-first. ​

Want to be anArchitect of Happiness?

We work with talented and skilled people all around the world – as suppliers, contractors, partners, staff and even interns. Buying into our creative dream, you too can become a Architects of Happiness – Full time, a season or for a project – remotely or face-to-face. Are you a brilliant freelancer, designer, artist, carpenter, prop-maker, VR and AR specialist, inspiring speaker, influencer, performer or event producer?  


Send your CV/portfolio/pitch/bright idea to us  and tell us why you think we should be working together.

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