Bar Chocolat for Baileys

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

We were approached by Hello Unity PR for Baileys to create an immersive, multi-sensory experience for press & public during London cocktail week.

Kit and Caboodle were invited to experiment, curate and design an experience inspired by the pleasure of chocolate, joining forces with other visionaries to create a sensory journey in taste.

Part- exhibition, part-immersive theatre and part exclusive supper club, Bar Chocolat offered something for everyone. The space was meticulously designed to deliver an experience similar to eating a piece of chocolate, from the snap of the bar, right through to the rich after taste of cocoa. As guests travelled through the space to taste the liquid for the first time within the specially curated bar, their senses were heightened for the ultimate drinking experience using bespoke film, scent, sound, experimental dining and magical scenography.

We were solely responsible for the realization of the collaborative ideas, ensuring feasibility logistics for a very tight project turn around with full construction and event management including staffing, technical, special effects, show calling, VIP and guest management and management of all the bars.