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Principal Place - Summer 2020

Located in the “unsquare mile” where the City meets Shoreditch, there’s nothing square about the new geometrically-inspired Principal Pavilions’ installation.

Summertime has returned to the City post-lockdown, in a blaze of colour. The pop-up summer pavilion structures offer a vibrant, space to chill out, cleverly positioned at a suitably safe social distance.

Perspex-coloured acrylic frames have been used to create a stained-glass effect, stretched over a brightly coloured geometric astro-turf flooring design.

The spaces offer the perfect spot to sample takeaway food or drinks from nearby eateries and soak up the sun … or dash for shelter out of the summer storms that have been a hallmark of Summer 2020. 

With Amazon having relocated their HQ to Principal Place/Tower in 2019, there’s no shortage of footfall from nearby offices. 

We created and installed the installation for our regular client, Brookfield, the developers. Easily accessible and free for all, the colourful design pays homage to the medieval French root of the word “pavilion” meaning the spread of a butterfly’s wings, and inspired by Gaudi’s strange geometric shapes.

Tanya Clark, CEO of Kit & Caboodle, says “Intelligent urban placemaking can impact favourably on the wellbeing of city residents, whether workers or dwellers. Our creative team looks to support developers like Brookfield to bring colour and fun back to the streets of our cities.”

"This is the second year Brookfield Properties London have collaborated with the tremendous design team at Kit & Caboodle. Their creative flair and excellent project management, make them a fantastic team to deliver best in class activations!" Saff Williams , Curator and Marketing Manager Brookfield Properties


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