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Ciroc European Tour

Our Creative Director and team were engaged to introduce a little-known brand to key influential audiences across Western Europe. Ciroc is now a market-leading eau-de-vie vodka. Produced and distributed by the British-based multinational Diageo, it is distilled from the finest French grapes.

Working with Ciroc gave us a rare opportunity to write the brief.  We proposed experiential marketing through creating a “Club” environment based on the original blue orb design on the Ciroc bottle. We asked ourselves “If Ciroc were a club, how would it be?”  Our successful event design took the brand on the road by creating a bespoke, show-stopping “Jet Set Tour.” Our strategy raised awareness through an outstanding immersive event experience across multiple countries, cities and venues.

The creative team designed and manufactured a full-service touring kit of parts – including the bar, furniture, DJ booth, ice buckets, glassware, votive tealights, every detail great and small was considered and brought to life. Designed to work in any combination, it achieved a luxury, bespoke Ciroc environment, unmistakeably branded and completely scalable.  The tour saw us activate on luxury yachts, trackside at the Monaco Grand Prix, polo in Ibiza and villas across the south of France and the Balearics.

Kit & Cabbodle were responsible for every aspect of the project including, concept, proposals, event design, product manufacture and full delivery and implementation of the “Jet Set Tour. By producing all asset components of the set and props, we guaranteed production in suitably high resistance and high-quality materials to resonate the brand’s values and aesthetics.

Working with this emergent luxury brand provided valuable experience for our team. With the savour-faire and panache developed collaboratively, we exceeded the commercial objectives set by the client. In doing this we held the confidence of the client and successfully developed the reputation of the up-and-coming prestige brand, going on to work with Diageo on numerous projects.

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