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Enchanted Ball - Private Client

Luxury private wedding Kit and Caboodle

We were asked to design and deliver a wedding ceremony/evening in Baku (Azerbeijan) for 600 guests including the President and Minister for Defence. We created an “Enchanted Forest” for guests using abundant organic styling and bringing technology such as projection mapping, holograms, soundscapes and scents to create a multi-sensory experience.

The venue was a blank canvas with multiple entrance doors into a large open space with a really strong “Persian” style. The aim here was to take over the existing aspect by creating an enchanted forest for guests which would leave them in awe. Taking heads of department, translators and a skeleton team from the UK we worked solely with local suppliers for all the equipment hire and bespoke construction, sourcing some incredible local talent in the most unlikely of places!

We approached the production as we would a film set by building up layers of décor and dressing, moving away from a traditional banquet format. We made use of abundant styling, generous organic dressing and sculptural features, stunning lighting and projection techniques. Guests entered the spaces through multi sensory tunnels and emerged onto a sparkling silver lake surrounded by a glittering forest scene of giant organic stylized trees adorned with UV insects and butterflies.

A scented petal drop and dry ice reveal marked the arrival of the couple onto a platform under a giant sparkling oak.

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