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House of Campari: London


To dress the exterior and interior spaces of the newly-acquired London HQ building in a way that captures the “heart, soul and spirit” of Campari Group. Bringing to life the creativity of the group and its brands and celebrating the Italian heritage whilst nodding to its new London home.


To work closely with the Campari Group team to design unique and premium Campari assets that compliment the newly launched office space and feature as focal points throughout their series of events.


By engineering a fresh, exciting “vibe” that surprises with the unexpected and engages through witty, high-end design to offer selected experiential events for Campari’s various groups of guests across four dates in October and November 2022.

  • We designed a number of bespoke plinths that integrated LED tube lighting with sculptural dried floral designs to create a contemporary yet organic design to dress the central stage in a glow of Campari red.

  • Echoing the premium office interiors we created functional yet beautiful branded DJ booths for use during the events and beyond.

  • Our team worked with our trusted suppliers to transform the day-to day office lighting into an event ready on-brand space with dynamic colour washes and sequenced lighting.

  • For the VIP event night we also took the brand red to another level using a cross-road exterior projection to wash the whole frontage of the building with the Campari red to create the ultimate red carpet moment.

  • We also supported with the general production across all 3x events to ensure the smooth running of each event.


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