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7 Ways to Beat Blue Monday

Monday 21st January 2019 is officially designated as the most depressing day of the year so far, and probably ever.

The bills are in from Christmas, your friends have all given up booze or gone vegan for the month, your new pajamas don’t fit after you’ve pigged out over the festive season, even though they clearly are fitted with a really relaxed elastic waistband – and yes, it’s a long, long way before your summer holidays.

Here’s Kit and Caboodle’s 7 sneaky suggestions to Banish the Blues :

1). Have a cold shower … and rub down with Tisserand’s fragrant aromatherapy bath salts for the few seconds you can bear to be under the cold jets. You’ll smell gorgeous even if, unfortunately, you might go blue with hypothermia.

2). Lock yourself in your bedroom after being inspired by Keira Knightley as Colette. Try to write your first page of your first bestseller whilst finishing off the last of the Christmas chocolates and shortbread (waste not, want not). When this fails, sign up for a free “How to Write a Bestseller” with Richard McMunn

3). Go bananas – no, seriously. Bananas contain tryptophan, used by the body to manufacture serontonin, the happiness hormone. They’ll also top up your potassium levels which will have been reduced by the stress of reading your credit card bills.

Besides, they’re cheap as chips. But not as yummy.

4). Get a real thrill … eat a chilli pepper. The capsaicin will burn the end of your tongue and your brain will release an army of endorphins to ease your pain (temporarily) which will make you feel great, even though your tongue hurts. Also, if you’re a bloke, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before going to Gents and handling the Crown Jewels.

5). Banish those blues with a fit of the giggles. Laughter really can be uplifting, although don’t do it on the Tube for no good reason otherwise you’ll probably be taken off by guards at the next station. There’s plenty of Laughter Yoga sessions on the internet – just take a look. Laughter plus Yoga … it’s got to have some benefit!

6). Borrow a Karaoke set and invite all your friends round. Promise them Vegan snacks and alcohol-free cocktails. They’ll be really grateful and appreciative of your singing talents. Science has proved that listening to upbeat music with upbeat intentions can lead to you feeling, well, upbeat. We rent out a Karavanaoke – a 1970s caravan that you can park in your drive and serenade the neighbours over the weekend. You’ll be really popular.

7. And if all else fails … PLAN YOUR NEXT PARTY! Whether you are just a sad individual or a hung-over corporate team still trying to work out whose bottom was photocopied at the Xmas Office party … you need Kit & Caboodle because we’ll banish the blues … any day of the year.

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