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Land Rover BORN Awards

For the first time, the annual Land Rover BORN Awards Global Final 2018 were hosted in London at the iconic Design Museum, drawing some of the most innovative designers in the world to the capital.

The Land Rover BORN Awards are an annual competition celebrating exceptional creative achievements in design, within six categories: Technology, Fashion, Home Product Design, Architecture Design, Spot & Leisure and Retail Experience.

At the Global Final, 12 finalists (2 from each category) had their designs showcased at the gala. From the beginning we worked with the Land Rover BORN Awards team and their sponsor, Jaguar Land Rover, to ensure our goals and values were aligned. It was key to ensure that we were equipped to bring their vision to life and maintain the prestige associated with these design awards. The theme for this year was, “Peerless” and the Global Final event had to be just that.

The key to the awards gala aesthetic was simple elegance at its finest. We wanted the award winning designers to be the stars of the show, and so we curated the event in a way that highlighted and showcased their work within the magnificent architectural atrium of the museum. Custom display units designed and built by our team paid homage to the existing aesthetic of the Design Museum and complemented the space beautifully. When guests arrived they were dressed to the nines, and had an amazing time in the beautiful space.

Pierre Sapin, Managing Director of the BORN Awards, emphasised that as Land Rover is a luxury brand, it was key to “protect that positioning and Kit & Caboodle has proved to our guests and to us [that they totally] understand [this and were able to deliver] to the [expectation] that we had.” The event truly was unlike no other; it was peerless.

“I found working with Kit & Caboodle extremely pleasant – very professional people. On time and dedicated. We had a high level of demands in terms of premium life style luxury deliveries, and Kit & Caboodle has proved to our guests and to us that they totally understood this and were able to deliver to the high standards that we had.”


Watch the testimonial from the Managing Director of BORN below:

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