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Birchbox at Stylist Live

Birchbox was returning to Stylist Live for the first time in years, so this activation needed to stand out among the hundreds of other exhibitors at London Olympia. As experiential experts with an eye for detail, Kit & Caboodle were just the people to bring their activation to life. The idea of Beauty Fruity was born; a slot-machine style game where guests could try their luck for a chance to win a beauty product sample, or the ultimate prize of a full Birchbox box.

The challenge was to create a space that was visually stunning, while also having a functional game that was fun and interactive. Through partnering with tech experts Hellicar Studios, we were able to make Birchbox’s vision reality. The fruit machine itself stood nearly 3m tall, and was dressed in Birchbox branded print to ensure the brand was at the forefront of the display. The game itself included custom graphics with sound and lights to ensure Beauty Fruity could be heard from near and far. We knew we were onto something great, but neither us nor our clients had anticipated just how successful the activation would be.

The activation was live for 3 days and Beauty Fruity was played by 2000 times per day and boasted a total of 1500 wins per day. It was the best activation of the year for Stylist Live.

“Kit & Caboodle were really collaborative, responsive and truly made our dream stand at Stylist Live. With nearly 2000 visitors per day, our activation was an absolute success!”


Over the course of the three days at Stylist Live, quite literally from the moment the show opened until the moment it closed, there was a queue all the way around Birchbox’s activation. Each day over 1500 people visited Beauty Fruity. Our client was beyond thrilled with the success of the activation and said, “Kit and Caboodle were really collaborative and helped make our dream stand!”

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