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6 Ways to Celebrate (Anti) Valentines Day

Valentines day isn’t for everyone! In the past, being single has carried somewhat a negative connotation but fortunately, society no longer has this attitude – Hurrah for SAD! (Singles Appreciation Day)

You don’t have to contain your love for others (and most importantly, yourself) for Valentines Day. You can embrace and celebrate love in ways that might actually mean more. Don’t succumb to the pressure that you should suddenly be exceedingly romantic!

Anti Valentines Day emphasises the fact that you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate life. You have the power to make your own choices! What this reminds us in particular is that we should be encouraging self love, DAILY. This basic human necessity is the key to our very own happiness. How have you made your mark on the world?

This is ultimately about how you can forge your own path to experience amazing things with none other than… YOU. Let your independent lifestyle shine through.

There are many ways that you can choose to honour this day, we chose a few empowering and possibly extremely fun ideas that could guarantee a positive experience for you and who you choose (if anyone) to spend it with!

  1. Exploration – Indulge yourself with what the city has to offer. Seeing as your fearless in your decision making, do something out of the norm! Mr Mercurialis’ Hat Emporium has the ultimate singles night ahead…. We dare you to give this a try! Heard of the ‘Sod Valentines Supperclub’? Or you could play in a ball-pit at Ballie Ballerson! Endless possibilities….

  2. Hold your own (Anti) Valentines evening/ party (Galentines Night!) – There’s no better way that asserting your path by taking the lead and getting a great big group of happy singletons together for cocktails and well, whatever you want! Spending quality time with people you care about is the most important after all…

  3. Meet new people – Accept invitations, be impulsive. Been avoiding the new office employee that’s just moved to town? Show them the city!

  4. Treat yourself – Take yourself shopping, cook your favourite meal, make time for reading, go to that new art exhibition! Best yet, buy your favourite things, and enjoy not having to share them with anyone!

  5. Secret Valentine? Get your singles group together, and gift eachother! When the day comes, each of you will receive a gift on AntiValentines day!

  6. Spread the love – A simple act of kindness can really make someone’s day. Make it your mission to make someone, or as many people as possible, feel good.

A lot of brands avoid commercialism by using (Anti) Valentines day as an opportunity to make some noise and disrupt the conventional way of thinking, We are so here for that! Take advantage of special offers and promotions, they were made for this wonderfully, single, independent tribe!

So, who will be your (Anti) Valentine?


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