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Fathers Day Swap Shop for Appletons Rum


We love it when PR companies come up with “off the wall” ideas for their clients and come to us to make their “dream scenario” happen. Father’s Day 2022 was no exception. 3 Monkeys approached us on behalf of their client, Appleton, to create a bespoke “Swap Shop” in the heart of London where Dads could swap unwanted gifts such as pairs of Best Dad socks or a mug in return for a beautiful bottle of Appleton’s rum.


To raise awareness of the Appleton brand as being both “fun” and quality – the “swap” experience was open to everyone and anyone on behalf of their Dads, whilst “HERO-ING” the brand through an entertaining give-away experience.


A vibrant blue Pop-Up takeover of an existing shop premises in Soho allowed us to create an “on-brand” experience of a “generic gift exchange” on behalf of the Appleton Estate. Using bold copper accents, and tropical foliage both externally and internally, Kit & Caboodle installed quality shelving to showcase the bottles of rum, and organised staffing to ensure the swapping experience ran smoothly. To say it was popular is an understatement!

“Working with Kit & Caboodle was absolutely seamless! They brought to life our concept whilst working against a tight turnaround. The team was a pleasure to work with and would definitely work with again!” EVIE MONROE - ACCOUNT MANAGER


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