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Flowers Foraged

The recent days of glorious April sunshine have been a welcome relief during these uncertain times, allowing many of us to enjoy a sun filled social-distanced stroll around local neighbourhoods and for those fortunate enough to have their own outdoor space, an opportunity to extend isolation into back-gardens!

Good weather aside, April is one of the best months for getting Green-Fingered and planting Perennials (plants that live for more than two years) or sowing seeds for sensational summer blooms! And for those that prefer to enjoy the rewards of mother nature without the labour, April brings into bud some of the nation’s favourites from bluebells to tulips peppering flower beds, parks and streets with a wash of colour and glorious nectar scent. Russian poet, Yevgeny Yevtushenko once wrote, “If i had two pennies to spend, I would spend a penny on bread, so that I might live. And a penny on flowers, so that I might have a reason for living.” We couldn’t agree more! 

This quote inspired us to team up with the talented Venetia Harpin, an experiential creative based in LA who recently upskilled @flowerschool to perfect the art of flower design.

Venetia is an ex-Caboodler that relocated from London to Los Angeles in 2018. She usually specializes in immersive and multi sensory events and has produced highly interactive large scale productions for Facebook, DC Comics, Popsugar, Netflix and Asics among many more. When her last project was cancelled due to Coronavirus she decided to seize the opportunity to try a long held enthusiasm for floral styling and, just before  lockdown was imposed, managed to squeeze in a floristry course at the prestigious Flower School LA. 

We asked Venetia to share some of her top tips and tricks for creating your own ‘at-home’ flower arrangement to bring beauty and delight into your home.


1) Greenery & foliage make a huge difference to help fill out an arrangement - if you don't have a garden, check what the rules are where you live (don't steal!) and see if there are any opportunities to forage a few extra sprigs to supplement your flowers. Herbs like sage and can thyme will also give your bouquet a lovely aromatic quality. When foraging, it's best to go early morning before the sun gets too warm. Put cut stems straight into a bucket of cold water to let them drink.” This is when flowers are at their most hydrated, a cooling bucket of cold water will keep them refreshed and ensure glossier leaves and blooms.

2) Invest in a good vase. I prefer opaque vases to clear glass ones as they have the advantage of hiding messy looking stems. Even the simplest of arrangements can be instantly elevated by a quality ceramic or metal container.

3) Trim the end tips of all your stems to ensure they are clean, and remove any leaves or greenery that will sit below the water line. This helps avoid bacterial build up in the water and keeps everything fresher for longer

4) Only got a few stems? Don't worry, just keep your arrangement compact. Don't be afraid to trim your stems down and fit them more closely together in a smaller vase. Better to have your flowers and foliage sitting cosily together than have them too long and splayed all over the place with gaps in between. 

5) Now, how to keep your arrangement looking fresh for longer? Change the water every other day! The simplest way is hold your vase under the tap and let the new water flush out the old. This helps keep your arrangement blooming for longer.  


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