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Iceland: Just Around The Corner

Kit & Caboodle x Icelandair bring an unforgettable taste of Iceland to London with a 4-day Iceland-themed pop-up immersive event during October half-term


How do you bring Iceland’s ethereal nature, icy wonders, and surprising landscapes to people in the heart of central London to prove Iceland – and all the unique experiences a trip there encompasses - is a destination worth the investment?

Insight & Ambition

The Architects of Happiness did us proud when Kit and Caboodle was engaged to design and deliver an immersive storytelling experience by Icelandair’s retained global PR agency, Fleishman Hillard. To deliver a concept and campaign that served the Icelandair brand and its many exciting partners we needed to create an unforgettable taste of Iceland and #justaroundthecorner campaign to raise awareness and get people talking and, more importantly, booking travel. It worked. Icelandair received the award for best PR stunt in the experiential category for the campaign at the Travel Marketing Awards 2023.

For many families and travellers, having the chance to learn more about the wonders of Iceland, as a destination that feels like another world, is the first step in planning a trip.

Visitors to the free, three day pop-up immersive experience, were able to explore a taste of the life-changing adventures awaiting them in Iceland, raising awareness of the wonders present in a trip and offering a 'try-before-you-fly' experience to prove Iceland – and all the unique experiences a trip there encompasses - is a destination worth the investment.

By ensuring the experience was authentically Icelandic, people could connect on an emotional level before travelling, giving them that much needed confidence in their next holiday.

“The Icelandair team are deeply honoured to receive this Travel Marketing Award. For us, the win proves the effectiveness of experiential marketing in delivering authentic, unforgettable experiences locally – in a climate when travel needs to work harder than ever to entice consumers. We succeeded in offering a glimpse of the natural wonders of Iceland in the heart of Soho, and are so grateful to all those involved who helped facilitate the realisation of Iceland to hundreds of thousands of Londoners.”

Gísli Brynjólfsson, Marketing Director at Icelandair


  • Icelandair received the award for best PR stunt in the experiential category for the campaign, Iceland: Around The Corner at the Travel Marketing Awards 2023.

  • 3000 + Bookings

  • Combined reach of media promotion: 1.3 Billion +

  • 430 + pieces of coverage

  • 250,000 Engaged Londoners targeted with Timeout

  • 100 Media and Influencers

  • 35,000 Engagements with Influencer Content

  • 300,000 Video Views with Influencer Content

  • 150 Million Reach: Press Release

  • 22 Million Reach: Listing and Event Reviews


Iceland Around The Corner was a free multi-room experience that allowed guests to see Iceland through Icelandair and some of their key brand partners: Visit Iceland, Blue Lagoon and 66°North, inviting guests to appreciate the unusual and exciting landscapes of Iceland. It offered an emotional connection through powerful, playful and memorable moments within the experience. Guests began their journey at the Check In desk, where they had their digital tickets checked and were presented with a printed boarding pass before they embarked on their experience.

The Land zone incorporated the Blue Lagoon with its picturesque water features as guests were invited to step down into an illusion of the geothermal seawater. The vibrant blue water, edged with black volcanic rock and steam emanating from within, recreated the effect of gazing across the landscape of the 63rd parallel. And a mirrored wall gave reflections, recreating the seemingly endless vistas across the Blue Lagoon.

The Ice Experience was an installation that blended images and light to create an immersive environment. Scenic Icelandic photos were manipulated to create mesmerising effects referencing the Icelandic environment. Brand Ambassadors presented guests with 66 North apparel to prepare them for the elements before they entered.

Guests were then invited to the Air Zone where they could immerse themselves into the exciting spirit of Iceland - Using colour and sound combined to create an exciting and enchanting zone. This was a deep immersion space filled with visual effects and breathtaking content that would transport guests to the Mid-Atlantic. Guests were presented with headphones to explore this space creating a sensory journey through light and sound.

Culminating in a premium Hospitality space that allowed guests to discover more through key moments of interaction. This area offered an opportunity for all partners to showcase their brand and we even included surprise Icelandic entertainment and performances.

We hosted an Icelandic yoga session which included elements of yoga nidra, a sound bath with crystal alchemy singing bowls, and peaceful elements of Blue Lagoon Iceland leaving guests feeling relaxed, focused and uplifted.

Enriching partner content was projected in an informal multi-height seating area with reactive lighting, and wireless headphones.

“Kit and Caboodle’s creative vision and execution allowed us to deliver this first of its kind experience in a way that we didn’t know was possible. The team were responsive and engaged throughout the development of the experience and there was complete flexibility in how they approached our event, whilst representing our brand in the best possible way for all of our stakeholders and event partners. The team felt like an extension to ours, and we miss our weekly calls! Icelandair Around The Corner was a huge success, delivered with pure energy and excitement - Onto the next one! "

Gísli Brynjólfsson, Marketing Director at Icelandair


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