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IlluminoCity 23-24, resounding success for Kit and Caboodle and Brookfield Properties

As the winter darkness enveloped the City of London, Architects of Happiness, a vibrant collective from the creative experiential agency Kit and Caboodle, unveiled two spectacular installations – 'Beaming' and 'The Happy House' – as part of Brookfield Properties' annual public light festival, IlluminoCity.

The installations lived up to their names, as "Beaming" radiated positivity with its social media-inspired aesthetics, encouraging passersby to share smiles and joy. On the other hand, "The Happy House" took visitors on a feel-good journey, featuring motion-activated lighting and sacred geometry designed to inspire relaxation and mindfulness.

Over the last two months, these installations have become more than just artworks – they are landmarks of happiness. Crowds flocked to take selfies, share laughter, and immerse themselves in the joyful atmosphere. The ripple effect of joy extended to the media, with showcases on CityofLondon, SecretLondon, LondonLiveTV, BBC Radio, and more.

As expressed by Saff Williams, the Curatorial Director at Brookfield Properties, these artistic wonders adorned Citypoint and Principal Place, transforming the cityscape into a canvas of joy and positivity. "Beaming" on Shoreditch High Street and "The Happy House" by Moorgate station became instant attractions, creating a vibrant tapestry of light and smiles.

Tanya Clark, Architect of Happiness and Creative Director at Kit and Caboodle, revealed her delight, stating, "Every time you walk past 'Beaming' or 'The Happy House,' we challenge you to hold back a smile. In a world that can feel increasingly disconnected, the simple act of smiling is immensely uplifting, a universal language that transcends culture. Plus, smiles are incredibly infectious!"

As the curtains fall on IlluminoCity 23-24, Architects of Happiness and Kit and Caboodle bask in the success of bringing smiles to the hearts of Londoners. This winter, they have not just illuminated landmarks but have become beacons of positivity, leaving an indelible mark on the city's cultural tapestry. The journey continues as Kit and Caboodle looks forward to crafting more such immersive experiences that transcend boundaries and ignite joy.


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