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Lollypop Lounge

We were invited by Kings Cross Estates to come up with a creative concept to bring a feel-good summer factor to their iconic Granary Square steps as part of the wider campaign “The Great Outdoors” which celebrates their public realm spaces.

Opening up the site after lockdown, it has been a great privilege to once again work with the Argent and Kings Cross Estates team. We enjoyed generating ideas that would delight and encourage footfall back to this popular public space.

We’ve combined a dynamic and cheerful colour palette with fun pop-art style features to create this optimistic summer installation. What better symbol of summer than a lollipop? And a melting lollipop suggests warm summer days – what’s not to like? The #lollypoplounge installation offers escapism from the restrictions and worries of the past few months – fin de siècle cobwebs are blown away by lighthearted POP up fun. An homage to candy coloured vintage beach-deckchair stripes in the bespoke loungers that stretch down the steps, spacing out the lollies, delivers a subtle social-distancing solution.

As a team, we’re experienced at turning our creative concepts into full production. Our turnkey service was just what was needed to realise The #lollypoplounge in a short time frame. We’ve worked with skilled artisans, designers and other specialists to deliver this installation. 

Being aware of the concerns around Covid-19 social and hygiene controls has been paramount. Some ideas were dropped in recognition of the limitations that adherence places on creativity. For example, sound buttons playing the irrepressible Millie Small’s My Boy Lollipop on a loop were reluctantly dropped from design as touch technology would be difficult to keep hygienic. We even thought about fragrancing the lollies to match the flavours but that raised other problems of contagion. At all times, our focus has been to ensure that this installation is safely-constructed and durable, offering an eye-catching space to relax and enjoy the view along the canal.

We trust that The #lollypoplounge will evoke nostalgic memories of warm sunny days and the innocent pleasures of a simple ice-lolly. Local residents, returning office workers, commuters and even returning tourists are warmly welcomed to take a moment and lounge on the steps. Whether taking a selfie to share with friends or just relaxing to think about better times to come - The #lollypoplounge is the place to be.


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