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McArthur Glen: Under The Oak


To transform the public outdoor seating area of McArthur Glen’s Cheshire Oak’s Shopping Centre into a vibrant and eye-catching space for passing footfall to dwell and relax on a summer’s day.


Kit and Caboodle created a youthful and contemporary design that would appeal to McArthur Glen’s key footfall demographic for this area of 18-34 year olds. In order to deliver the project within a tight budget we upcycled some of the existing onsite assets, such as picnic tables and pergolas as well as incorporating the central and surrounding trees within our designs.


Taking inspiration from contemporary festival design we used a combination of bold colours combined with minimalist typography to create a striking visual identity for the ‘Under The Oak’ site. We created a ‘wow-moment’ entrance signage using large-scale, colourful printed foamex boards to capture the attention of passing footfall. On the lower level we installed a high-tack vinyl print design to transform the black and white crossing into an enticing colourful walkway. Inside the space we upcycled the existing outdoor furniture with a combination of colour paint and vinyl wrap in order to continue the contemporary aesthetic. The surrounding trees became focal design points, wrapped in colourful rope to further wash the bright colours throughout the space. The central Oak tree trunk was clad with a unique seating arrangement painted in a vivid turquoise colour to provide a feature selfie moment.


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