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Magazine London | Connectivity


Kit and Caboodle were approached by industry specialists Lettice PR to develop an outstanding experience including a black tie/cocktail reception and seated dinner for over 1,300 guests, on behalf of one of their corporate clients.


We were determined to optimise the sensational potential of Magazine, a fresh, unexpected and exciting venue for this annual corporate event. By transforming the vast “warehouse style” venue into a more intimate and intriguing space, we were able to use the central theme of “Connectivity” to create an extraordinary experience for guests, triggering conversations and exclamations of delight at the reveals throughout the evening.


Guests were drawn into the another world through our striking graphical black and white design that drew them from the entranceway into a transformed cocktail reception space revealing a monochromatic, elegant design from the floor to the ceiling. Black and white tiled flooring created geometric patterns leading up to the stage which followed the same striking design. The large scale central mirror bar created a focal point with giant sphere dials suspended above the space creating a contemporary aerial installation that created a more intimate and engaging environment. Unique large scale, freestanding lights clustered around the room created moments of drama, combined with softer touches of the organic shaped white seating. Guests were then led into the dining space which was revealed by the dropping of a black drape and a combination of LED battens and haze which created a colourful spectrum of light to reveal the technicolour dining space. A 16m long central aerial installation of varriend height string curtain was lit by a sequence of LED lights, saturated with rich colours creating an enchanting focal point. Round tables featured the full colour spectrum from blue to pink creating a wave of colour across the room with seating covers and napkin curation.

From black and white to technicolour through thought-provoking event design, we connected the guests to each other and to their environment, creating the ‘wow” moments for which we are well-known in the industry.


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