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Rewind, Reflect, Recharge...

Here at Kit and Caboodle, we live and breathe experience and we love to have fun with each other when we can. Our wellbeing is the engine that keeps our company turning. What is company culture if not “collective energy”?

Coming out of an exciting autumn and winter that saw us building (amongst other projects) Curling Club for King’s Cross at Coal Drops Yard, an immersive destination experience for Icelandair, a pop up to celebrate Loungefly’s unique and beautiful products, the opening of Campari’s new HQ, two Big Weekends of free festivals at the Museum of London … and more spectacular Christmas trees than we could count, we were more than ready to enjoy a well deserved break. The New Year brings new opportunities and like all of our market partners in the events sector, it’s always a good time to re-group, re-evaluate and re-align our strategic path into 2023, taking on board existing trends, and inviting fresh ideas and new clients to create unforgettable experiences.

CEO Tanya Clark had recently discovered a tranquil haven of shabby-chic design at the former Theobald’s estate; Birch Community. ‘An escape for the explorers', where interesting people can enjoy interesting moments and with one aim; To have fun. We chose Birch because it has become known as a serene getaway for creative types, paired with its sustainability ethos, we knew it was the perfect location for our team, allowing us to immerse ourselves in nature, have some fun and reconnect with one another. Imagine combining the stately elegance of what was the old manor with contemporary decor, unique art installations, pottery rooms and delicious sustainably sourced food – and you have the perfect venue for a Caboodle day… or two!

Before playtime could begin, a series of discussions were brought to the table, and the team had fun batting around ideas and coming up with solutions and actions … because that’s what we do best. For us, work is play and we value each of the team's contributions to enable us to move forward, stronger and with extra energy for the year ahead. Each of the team had their own creative spark to offer. We discussed our company's culture, our values and what this means to us all.

We approached new ways of thinking for our clients over a long lunch until it was time for some pottery. Picture a team of creatives, let loose in a room with a lot of wet clay! The prize has to go to our intern from Middlesex University, Ash, whose mug had a fine pair of breasts complete with nipples in support of the Free The Nipple protest against Facebook's online ban of photos featuring female nipples.

The team enjoyed a wonderful supper, cocktails and many laughs before resting up for their morning Gong Bath. We were brought gently out of deep REM by the lyrical sound of Molly’s voice and tinkling string instruments from Nepal. It was an amazing way to start your day!

Our monthly Caboodler Days are our way of thanking our team, bringing everyone together to reconnect in person, share ideas and inspire one another.


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