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Views and Perspectives

This week, we’ve been inspired by the theme for Grayson Perry’s popular Art Club on Channel 4 at 8pm on Monday nights - “The View from My Window.” As a creative events team on lockdown, Grayson’s engaging series has given us food for thought and inspiration, often dominating initial chat as we start our daily online meeting the following day. We’ve researched a lot of windows and views but our team prize goes to the extraordinary work of INDg0. The incredible fantasy worlds created by this visual artist. You can view her portfolio of work here.

Thinking about “views and perspective” while on lockdown, reminds our team of the various moments that are ‘captured’ during the event process from initial site viewings, 3D visualisations, bringing ideas to life, through to delivering the live experience.

We created magical glittering window-scapes  for the Twitter Christmas party in 2019, giving the expectant revellers outside a sneak peek of what awaits them.  This included barely visible, giant retro arcade games juxtaposed throughout a wintery forest to add to the anticipation of what was an incredible night, enjoyed by all.

Then to our own view from inside a palatially styled event in Azerbaijan for the Minister of Defence, as the team witnessed a cavalcade of stretch limos draw closer to the entrance as he and his VVIP entourage arrived for the night’s festivities.

When we are outside looking in, we press our nose to windows, longingly. Like Tiny Tim peering in the window of a butcher’s shop at an enormous turkey, we see the object of our desires but cannot possess it.  All we can do is dream.

Yet, when we are on the “inside” – as creatives, we can look out on the view from our own window and dream. And then, we can make the dream a reality.  Look through windows rather than staring at walls, and somewhere a whole new world awaits. That should be our motto in lockdown. All it takes is imagination.

And imagination is the life-blood of the experiential events industry. After working with many brands and corporate clients, our most impactful projects are often those in which we approach the brief from an unexpected perspective, which allows our team to really flex their creative muscles and to look beyond the parameters of the brief to achieve out of the box thinking!

We’ve discovered that every member of our team has hidden talents – and in lockdown, as a result of our ongoing discussions about “what next for our industry?” these have emerged, unexpectedly. From our placement student, Grace, @inst4grace - now back in Australia, we’ve received a wealth of amazing surrealist online artwork. We’ve featured these in our Instagram “Stories” this week - take a look ...

Grace has been busy coming up with a surreal “take” on the actual view from our windows. Some of us look out into the night sky.  Others have sweeping vistas across London. When we look out, perhaps we see other things in our mind’s eye. We can look out at a brick wall and imagine mountains. For the mind does, indeed, have mountains. As Gerard Manley Hopkins, the Jesuit poet, said “The mind has mountains, cliffs of fall, frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed.”

One thing’s for sure – we are celebrating having such a great team, who’ve shown

humour, resilience and a keen eye for fun to accompany their sense of the ridiculous – never a wasted quality when it comes to creative experiential events.


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