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Pride London - Love Happens Here

We were proud to be able to support and celebrate the extension of LGBT+ rights and freedoms in London, the UK and around the world by supporting Pride London and their collaboration with Smirnoff. The purpose of Pride is to promote the visibility of London’s LGBT+ community by delivering inclusive, safe and enjoyable annual Pride celebrations in London.

With Smirnoff Vodka as headline sponsors we wanted to combine both Pride and Smirnoff's brand guidelines to make a statement and let everyone know that: Love Happens Here!

At the heart of Pride is their cultural awareness, and as a partner of theirs it was paramount that we understood these core values. Using our ability to objectively examine the values, beliefs, traditions and perceptions within our own strategy, we were able to deliver an event that was driven by high engagement for our target demographic.

Bright and vibrant furnishings made an eclectic and exciting setting for guests. White wash or pallet chill beds can be given a variety of coloured tops and/or cushions, giving the lounge a real ‘pop’ of colour. Rainbow flowers added a nice effect to the bars/tables.

It was awesome.

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