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Maddox Halloween

Maddox Halloween Design Event London Kit and Caboodle

We were briefed to design and create an immersive and engaging Halloween installation for Club Maddox.

Transforming the space and providing multiple interactive and stationery Instagram-perfect moments. Bringing performance art in to create a Pennywise Clown themed den of mischief and horrors.

Our services included producing custom designs for the famous nightclub Maddox to fully convert the space into a club night that the owners had never seen the like of before. We worked on the design, build, venue sourcing management, furniture hire, entertainment booking and management as well as lighting installation to compliment the rest of the space.

Burlesque dancers in the windows, a bath of blood, hanging bloodied dolls and a forest of torn sheets were just a taster of the nastiness that people experienced over 4 nights!

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