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Love Ball - Naked Heart Foundation

We loved transforming the Roundhouse in Camden, London into a dizzying magical playground in which celebrities and the fashion and art elite could enjoy spending on a very worth cause.

Discover - We wanted to embrace the whole space, which was a huge challenge on the limited budget available. Opting for clever impactful tricks we were able to create a unique and memorable experience for guests around a sparkling winter fairground theme.

Design - We realised the opportunity to create additional revenue streams over the split-level reception area by installing unique and quirky games – from ‘Toss the Toupe’ to giant table football with mannequin legs and Louboutin heels. 420 guests were met by a swirling low mist that consumed the ground floor and invited to rise up the stair well to a giant shimmering winter tree with hand blown glass droplets hanging on the bare branches. The main theatre in the round transformed into a giant illuminated carousel with prancing horses suspended in mid-air and an enormous love letter stage set.

Deliver - We were responsible for the design, construction, logistics, tech production, hire, staging and entertainment.

This star-studded event auctioned works of famous artists, which, combined with ticket sales raised £1.2 million for The Naked Heart Foundation.

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