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KXmas 2017

Kit and Caboodle was enlisted to celebrate the launch of the new retail area on King’s Boulevard at Kings Cross and to conceptualise, design, produce and manage a Christmas launch extravaganza! Taking over one of the retail units to install a unique experience that included independent traders, morning yoga, DJ led dance nights and Christmas workshops. All supported by festive cocktails served at our custom bar.

We needed to create a visually stunning space that served to provide as many interactive opportunities as possible. So thats what we gave them!

Taking over an unfinished retail unit we designed our own version of a Christmas forest with shimmering fabrics, neon lights and our own Christmas tree composed of bright pink presents! Turning the grey concrete space into a beacon of light and colour. We then collaborated with local traders to populate the space with a fantastic selection of clothing, jewellery, paintings and just about everything perfect for under the tree gifts.

In addition to this we curated a timetable of events that ran throughout the installation. creating partnerships with brands such as Frame, Spiritland and Urban east makers to give both the commuters, passers by and the professionals working in the area a much needed injection of excitement and revelry!

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