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Battersea Power Station | The Eggsperience

A fun-packed free outdoor community experience


The Challenge

How can we attract and maintain the interest of visitors of all age groups at Circus West, a recreational and residential development nestled in the vicinity of the iconic Battersea Power Station, currently undergoing construction?

Insight and Ambition

The creation of a unique art trail featuring bespoke giant eggs was central to our initiative. Designing an experience that encouraged exploration across the dynamic Battersea Power Station site was essential in inspiring local residents and their families, as well as attracting visitors from across the capital, throughout the Easter weekend.


Novel pop-up experiences such as a mobile farm with Sharky and George collaboration, chocolate tasting and a weekend market.

14 giant original artwork Easter egg sculptures hand decorated by local artists.

Partnering with existing retail outlets to drive engagement.

The Eggs-hibition, an outdoor giant mural of different size eggs - educational as well as fun.

Site-wide Easter trail competition with great prizes.

Over the weekend, the Battersea Power Station site welcomed more than 50,000 visitors.

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