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Principal Place Park

Kit and Caboodle were approached by Brookfield Properties to beautify the plaza for the summer. As part of the brief Kit & Caboodle were charged with increasing footfall to Principal Place and its retail outlets, generating enhanced interest in London’s newest addition to its iconic skyline, Principal Tower, a 175m residential building designed by Foster & Partners.

Kit and Caboodle designed, built and installed giant astroturf furniture, a large astroturfed area outside the marketing suite, which included brightly coloured bistro tables & chairs, a friendly looking astroturf bear, hanging ivy and up to 4 food huts with rotating vendors every Tuesday and Thursday.

Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of Principal Place Park, which provided residents and workers alike with a new relaxing space, somewhere to grab a bite and even a selfie opportunity with our eye-catching bear. The activation was extended through to the end of August, to continue bringing the community together through the dedicated picnic space which provides a welcome break from the bustling city-scape.

"Tanya and her team at Kit & Caboodle were creative and responsive to our need for something special and unique. They created a green park with oversized furniture and brightly coloured accents that drew crowds and added to the look and feel of our public piazza. A pleasure to work with, we look forward to working with them again."


Some pictures below thanks to photographer Liam Simmons.

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