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Burrowing Bunnies!


We were approached by our client Landsec, to create, design and build a number of Easter installations for their family Easter trails, at 2 of their UK shopping centres: One at Bluewater, London and one at Westgate in Oxford.


Taking the Burrowing Bunnies concept, we were tasked with creating giant 'Burrowing Bunny' sculptures, with swept back ears, giant bunny feet and a textured white tail. The bunnies would appear to disappear into a hole in the ground that would WOW and amaze small children and create great selfie moments whilst taking part in their Easter extravaganza! The smaller Bunnies measured 1.5m in diameter with their ears standing tall. And the giant bunny, was a whopping 4m in diameter, with it’s ears reaching 3m tall! The bunnies were a selection of natural bunny colours, they each had a name and a unique cartoon ‘bunny mark’ on their haunches, so that the children could find them all and receive their prize.


  • Realisation of design from concept to delivery.

  • Management of construction of the Bunnies and Structural Certification.

  • Managing and adapting the construction techniques during the build to anticipate shopper interaction

  • Installation of Bunnies, including ballast and invisible fixing, and installation of additional themed dressing

  • Continued support for the client and their maintenance of the sculptures, for the duration of the installation

We received outstanding feedback from our client – In the total 10 days at Bluewater, over 7,500 family groups took part in the Burrowing Bunnies Easter trail!


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