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Christmas & Winter Activations

Lockdown throughout the UK has been recently extended and we have all been informed from Mr Gove that restaurants, pubs and bars will be the last to open when we start to get back to normality. When things start to transition back, there will no doubt be an eagerness for people to get out and be engaged in the real world once more. Consumer habits may change and businesses will have to adapt in the short term once we all reopen our collective doors.

Usually at this time of year the events industry and their clients are planning summer activations, events and parties. This is of course all on hold as there is no clear timeline on when life as we used to know it gets back to the way it was.

Christmas may still be some way off, but as the Starks liked to remind us, “Winter is coming”. We all hope and expect for this terrible, global pandemic to be behind us once the days get shorter and the nights start drawing in. Kit & Caboodle and some of our clients are already discussing activations and events for this time of year. We need something to look forward to after all and there’s always room for optimism despite these troubling times.

Whether it’s an immersive event, a Christmas party, a festive installation, place making or a timeless activation that first appears in the Autumn, but can be rolled out again and again despite which season we're residing in, it’s never too early to start the creative wheels rolling. Kit & Caboodle are already thinking and working on some exciting projects, albeit with a much longer lead time than we’re used to.

There are some great examples of previous projects Kit & Caboodle have produced on our website, simply click on the images seen within this post for further information on each one. These may provide you with some inspiration for your very own wintry event. We would love to talk to you about how we can help make your ideas a reality.


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