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Get Winterized - Converse

Converse wanted to launch their new winter shoe design with the idea that; if dressed appropriately, it shouldn’t stop you going out. They wanted the activation to take place at four locations in London across public houses. They also wanted to engage performers and artists to create a ‘social scene’ around these events. 

Kit and Caboodle were engaged to curate the activation - By winterising pub gardens, during winter months, having an opportunity to deliver something unique at every venue.

We wanted to inspire pubs to re-evaluate their spatial planning and exterior pub spaces are not usually equipped for comfort during winter months and often are wet, cold, dark and unappealing. Working with these external spaces, we capitalised on these areas by transforming and enlivening these locations into winter and beyond.

We took four key venues in London, North, East, South and West. We came up with a multi-tiered activation kit with assets and programming to enliven pubs for this activation. We choose to design a bespoke travelling kit which could be used to dress all four venues. From branded tables, a bespoke ‘snug’ with heating and lighting, bar, signage, bespoke pool table, neon branding, styling and a one off giant poly carved stags head with winter hat and light bulb antlers, the kit rolled out at each venue.

Working with each individual exterior area, Kit & Caboodle creatively catalyse the potential and the ideas/experience of the locations to recommend and design a combination of installations, POS, props and activations that will work around existing key assets.

Each venue was bespoke designed based upon the available outdoor space, with key assets created to support unique programming and maximise the venue capacity, bringing unique enlivenment during winter months.

The entire campaign was seen as an enormous success which all led to the four pub activations and the launch of the range.

17.5m OTS across OOH media

Articles read by 3,1m 

£748,000 in media value

10,000 website visits

4,500 ticket applications

1,520 social media mentions

Our team de-rigged and installed each venue on the same day and were responsible for all install and styling. 


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