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Here East | Summer Screenings

Re-engaging and entertaining campus users in outdoor spaces.


The Challenge

To design and install an eye-catching spaced-out seating area to comply with social distancing regulations in force at the time whilst encouraging residents and visitors to enjoy outdoor screening of sports-related and other film activities.

Insight and Ambition

Situated north of Queen Elizabeth Park, Here East is an innovation and technology campus, home to a vibrant mix of 'innovators, visionaries, and like-minded locals.' As bespoke seating and screen installation specialist, we welcomed the opportunity to bring a splash of colour and comfort to the Here East campus users.


Bespoke pop-up seating, manufactured by hand from sustainable and durable materials.

Colourful, weather-proof installation that immediately attracted users.

Three years later, the durability of these installations id evident and they are still in use.  We’ve been invited back to update and develop similar spaces across the growing campus.

It was a standout feature of Here East's #SummerHere programme.

It proved to be the perfect way to spend your lunch break!

Comfort meets sustainable and joyful design


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