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Run To Monaco

Kit & Caboodle were tasked with the design and delivery of the launch event for a week-long private super car tour starting in the Swiss Alps and winding its way to the Monaco Grand Prix. This included an opening night party at the Chedi Hotel, Andermatt where Kit & Caboodle took inspiration from the most luxurious, glamourous and synonymous parts of Swiss culture, to create an immersive, exciting and memorable night.  Breakaway events en route included dinners, cocktail parties and culminated in a closing party on a luxury yacht moored at Monaco Bay.

Following an initial site visit to the Swiss Alps, K&C began the design and development stage back in London.  The client required us to bring the outside world into the dining room of the hotel.  Despite Switzerland boasting huge woodland coverage and some of the best forests in Europe, K&C set about defining how this would be achieved in a safe, conscientious, sustainable and stylised way. 

Logistically, we had several challenges to overcome due to the remoteness of the hotel, the steep winding roads, which make articulated lorries almost impossible to pass, working within a non-EU country, decisions on crewing the install and derig, both of which had to be achieved on incredibly tight timescales.   Needless to say all challenges were hurdled thanks to an incredible team, preferred suppliers and a can do attitude.

For the opening party itself, Kit & Caboodle took over the luxurious hotel high in the Alps and completely transformed it into a fully immersive Swiss alpine forest experience. Using references from the Brothers Grimm and the infamous Rothschild parties of the 70’s, the night was a culmination of organic stylings, mood-controlled lighting & soundscapes, interactive performances and sumptuous dining. Combining layers of live decor with stylised dressing, Kit & Caboodle created three distinct areas for the guests to explore and interact with. Fifteen 20ft high trees were built within the space using cork bark and a canopy of pine trees sourced locally from a managed tree felling operation.

Our services included:

  • Super-car rally

  • 7 day rally

  • 40 Super-cars, 80 VIP guests

  • Creative concept & design, build, production

  • Logistics & operations

  • Talent Casting

  • Show direction

  • Artist Areas

  • Experiential menu curation

  • Production direction


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