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Saatchi & Saatchi Family Dinner 2021


Kit & Caboodle have designed, produced and managed the annual Family Dinner bash thrown by world-famous British multinational communications and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi over the past five years. So we were both excited and gratified to have been invited by the new, incoming CEO Chris Kay to tackle this year’s Dinner for 150 guests, the first since lockdown in March 2020.


Chris’s ambition was to capture the idea of “Possibility” … in the new year, in their partnerships, in all that their industry can achieve and everything a top creative company can be. He wanted to communicate respect for the history of the event, whilst signalling the start of an evolution. Above all, he wanted us to design an event that was creative, thankful and recognising the importance of their partners staying with them through tough times - and exciting for all involved, looking back, but always looking forward.


Having identified an unusual venue choice of The Science Museum in west London, we worked very closely with the Saatchi & Saatchi team, to develop an event that was full of surprises, fun, emotional moments and a feel-good vibe.

Although there was very little time from clearing the public from the Museum’s exhibition rooms, to allow for setting up formal dining for over 150 discerning guests.

  • Creative concept & design, build, production

  • Venue search and securing

  • Central London

  • Immersive experience

  • Logistics & operations

  • Performance/activation support

"Kit and Caboodle were an absolute life saver. They have helped shape and bring to life our annual Saatchi & Saatchi Family dinner. We worked closely together leading up to the event and during. The team made me feel in safe hands with regular updates on the status. They provided enough time to plan and deliver for the next steps and gave clear and detailed responses to any questions. The space in the Science museum looked phenomenal, the food was delicious and the programme well thought through, including the transition to the afterparty! I'm really pleased with how it all went and our guests commented several times that it was the best Saathi Family dinner to date. Thank you team!"

Monika Zalaite, Head of New Business and Marketing Saatchi & Saatchi


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