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Virtually Brilliant

At Kit & Caboodle we love nothing more than to imagine, design and deliver epic experiences  – the kind that people talk about for years to come, but for all the right reasons.

During these uncertain times, as we look at the prospects of another lockdown, our team's creative enthusiasm in developing our virtual event service offering is even more relevant. We’ve been working with long standing and new clients to bring to life their corporate activations, staff incentives, conferences (the list goes on..), in a very different way. We are working with reliable partners to technically deliver our creative vision for our client events and are excited to bring you our virtual events service.  


Whether you want to connect 10, 500 or more people – we can provide a range of production options to suit your budget, taking care of participant management from event ID/ticketing, marketing assets, promotional films, and hybrid support such as home delivery of prizes/props or content collateral.

We can provide you with multiple virtual stages and platforms, live online polls, “break-out” and even an integrated Whatsapp support service. If you want your delegates to participate from a home or office environment – that’s fine. 

But if you want to grab their attention we can provide really eye-catching scenic backdrops, furniture and styling for your main speakers – either from your own headquarters or from our designated film/recording studio. Putting our production expertise to work we create live stage sets for your virtual events, we tailor a bespoke set to your audience and we host a multitude of performers for everyone to enjoy. In that way, we’ll ensure good production quality to any live stream, engaging all those who are attending your virtual event.

By delivering a hybrid event set up, we offer something personal and engaging for your audience - These events will continue to change conferencing and corporate events as we know it, enabling participation on a global scale with unlimited attendees.


We know from experience that even the most well-heeled individuals are thrilled to leave an event clutching a bag of delicious luxury freebies. And we’re not just talking six year olds!

We’ll come up with creative options for your delegates to receive as postal send outs or even invitations, prior to your virtual events. Cool merchandise and keepsakes keep people loyal to the brand and reconnect them with a smile. It doesn’t have to be a designer handbag. Gifts like breakfast hampers, your morning coffee or topical gadgets and scene setting mini disco balls to craft and cocktail kits or fun witty accessories!. Incentivise today - talk to us! We deliver many creative sparks to your brief, so reach out for a bespoke tailored response to see what we can offer for your budget. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot.

We deliver many creative sparks to your brief, so reach out for a bespoke tailored response to see what we can offer for your budget.


With social distancing and self-isolating only gradually easing, more people are missing out on the activities they usually do with colleagues and friends to have fun. We have a range of virtual entertainment options. No staff It’s a Knockout this year? Don’t worry, we’ll offer an online alternative. We can come up with creative, digital ways to achieve lots of laughs for team-building activity allowing large numbers of individuals to enjoy a virtual function, sharing conversation with colleagues, from home. 


Some people have made use of lockdown to reconnect with a forgotten skill or an overgrown garden. Creative brain activity can only be good news for employers and for employees locked-down at home, often trying to work around kids being home for the holidays and/or a spouse on furlough – it’s vital to build back self-confidence and morale by offering virtual activities for teams and individuals that may, or may not, be work-related. There is an opportunity to offer wellbeing at work initiatives to support this - Helping you create a genuine wellbeing at work strategy to form part of your company culture, and delivering a series of virtual wellbeing moments: Yoga mornings, super food hampers and team bonding exercises can all form part of this appreciation. 

Workplace skills such as getting to know new apps, photography or graphic design skills are all good to consider … but even fun activities like Laughter sessions or Wine and Watercolour painting, can also be worth thinking about.

Each workshop can take place via Zoom, hosted by a professional in each field, or in person.

For workshops involving materials and craft, a box containing everything the participant needs to follow alongside the professional will be sent directly to them before the activity. These can be bespoke ie named and/or have a personal message.

Virtual cocktail classes that offer your very own ‘Happy Hour at Home’ are a sure way to get the weekend started and the team together to relax and unwind. We pair our cocktail care kits, delivered to your door, with our network of mixologists from all over the world, so that they can teach you how the pros sling drinks from the comfort of your home.

Virtual events can bring a party spirit to even the most Zoomed-out individual team member or client. Add sparkle and fun, it’s good for business. Just because you can’t reach out at a real event, doesn’t mean you don’t have to reach out. In fact it’s never been more important to do so.

Although the delivery of events has changed, our desire to be informed, challenged and entertained has not, and we still desire experiences that engage us and content that excites us. We apply high production values and undaunted creativity to all our events, even the virtual ones.

And in the meantime, we’ll continue to deliver real time events where social distancing and hygiene requirements are part and parcel of the package.

Whether you are interested in a purely virtual event, or you’d like to work with us to develop a pioneering hybrid version - combining with a live stream of the event, to maximise your audience, whilst keeping the live feel of a small audience – we can help

Live events come in all shapes and sizes, just as virtual events do. Let’s share our learning from the past few months to resurrect events in whichever way works for you, raise spirits and morale and start the long, hard road to recovery with optimism and a sense of renewed creativity.

If you’re curious to know how you may launch your next tradeshow, conference, workshop or christmas or staff event - Speak to us today, to see how we can realise your brands ‘virtual experience potential’!


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