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Young Voices - Register For Tomorrow!

Kit & Caboodle loves to recognise and promote great work from other creatives in the biz. Following on from our chat with Ben Lewis, CEO of Young Voices, don’t forget that on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 at 2.30pm British Summer Time, families and students from all over the world will pay tribute to their teachers and music educators by joining together for a spectacular global singing event from the safety of their own homes. Young Voices, the current Guinness World Record holders for the world’s largest simultaneous sing, will invite all children, teachers, and families across the globe to join together and sing “The Power in Me”. 

Participants can register their involvement at to access learning resources for the song and to log their location to create an online map showing where all the singers will be performing on the day of the event. 

‘The Power in Me’ is a song written by Rebecca Lawrence about our inner strength and determination when things get difficult. The song has been sung around the world as part of Young Voices concerts. 

Ben Lewis, Young Voices CEO, said: 

“For every school concert that has been cancelled as a result of lockdown, for every choir practice which hasn’t happened, for every student who misses singing with their friends, join us for the Power In Me Singing Challenge on 2nd June”

Countries already signed up to join the UK children are USA, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Zambia, Uganda, Indonesia, Trinidad, South Africa, China and more.

This worldwide celebration of singing and resilience will resonate around the world to say thank you to all the schoolteachers (and parents) who are still working hard to educate children in their own homes.

If you love music, and have a teacher you’d like to honour, whatever your age – sing along. #PowerInMe #ThankYouTeachers 


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