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The Lolly Pop-Up


Working with our returning client Landsec, we were briefed to transform a meanwhile-use retail unit into a pop-up Instagram sensation! Our objective was to make St David’s a must-visit location for tourists and regular consumers over a weekend during the August summer holidays. After the long hot summer months, Landsec wanted to offer visitors an immersive and unique experience focused on everyone’s favorite summertime treat ‘lollypops!’ Offering guests a free, ticketed experience to ‘pimp their own lollipop’ with a choice of over ten thousand flavor combinations, meaning no two lollies would ever be the same!


Create an aesthetically-stunning pop-up outlet aimed at becoming Cardiff’s “must-have” experience for all Instagram and TikTok users, increasing football to the center by triggering word-of-mouth and local media coverage, as well as bringing an additional sense of fun and delight to the overall shopping experience.


By transforming the blank space retail unit into a functioning, pop-up ice cream parlor with a twist! Through strategic spatial design we created a one-way flow event space, to allow guests check-in with our lollipop concierge before heading over to the toppings counter that beautifully displayed some mind-boggling toppings from yummy popcorn and candyfloss to creepy crawlies & chillies for the brave. Lollipops were then skillfully dipped into liquid chocolate and sprinkled with the customers chosen toppings! Guests were then encouraged to take a seat in the lounge to enjoy their delicious creations and of course take some lolly selfies. K&C were responsible for all design and deliverables from the guest journey to managing the ticket platform and sourcing bespoke catering specialists and set dressing and styling. Across the 2x day experience over 1,100 members of the public attended the lollypop-up.


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