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We have been harnessing 
the power of the joyconomy 
to energize communities through 
uplifting experiences, 
for over 20 years. 

We redefine destinations and transform spaces into hubs of joy and activity. With our expertise in placemaking, community engagement, and experiential activations, we turn ordinary places into memorable experiences that inspire connection and celebration. Our philosophy is simple: to create places that people are inspired to use, enjoy, and deliver social good. Through collaboration with artists, entertainers, designers, developers, and communities, we craft delightful and sustainable spaces that bring people together, fostering a sense of happiness and belonging. Whether you're looking to enhance your place and space, engage your community, or create standout events, we're here to make your vision a reality.

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Research has shown how successful placemaking can impact favourably on health, wellbeing and community.


Building largely on urban design principles, and working with communities where appropriate. Kit & Caboodle support developers with installation based and digitally supported placemaking activities and activations for various sites engaging user communities in existing and new spaces, thus creating greater value. With the in house expertise and experience Kit & Caboodle has to draw upon, any space can be repurposed to provide additional revenue, generate interest in the building, with a view to sell or develop further, and in turn benefiting the immediate locale during any activation.

Whether the ultimate goal is to sell, redevelop or repurpose the space, Kit & Caboodle will be with you at every phase to ensure an optimal return on investment. With a focus on ‘feel good’ placemaking across developmental sites, our concepts are cost effective, timely, considerate, socially acceptable and sustainable. 

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How we do it

  • By offering a turn-key solution from creative concept generation to production delivery

  • By providing invaluable strategic insight and inspired solutions

  • By delivering on time and to budget

  • By loving what we do

We redefine destinations,turning spaces into hubs of joy and activity.Our placemaking expertise transformsordinary places into memorable experiencesthat inspire connection and celebration.


Brand to Land

As well as creating experiences and activations for numerous property developers, landowners, and BIDs, we collaborate closely with brands to enhance placemaking and land activation efforts. Our expertise extends beyond orchestrating experiences for global brands; we work hand in hand with brands to bring their visions to life in various locations and spaces.


This collaborative approach positions us uniquely to foster partnerships and collaborations, bringing together brands, IP holders, and developers to drive shared commercial success and achieve maximum exposure.


We can unlock strategic opportunities that others simply can't by finding the perfect fit between brand and event space. 

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Why Work With

Kit And Caboodle?

We provide unparalleled value to our placemaking clients through our extensive global network of industry connections. With years of expertise under our belt, we specialize in pushing creative boundaries and crafting unforgettable, magical environments with collective strength of our coveted team. Our trademark is fresh creative thinking coupled with flawless execution, ensuring extraordinary experiences every time.


We understand the importance of playtime in fostering happiness, which is why we incorporate a variety of playful opportunities throughout our events to lift people’s experiences. Whether it's engaging communities, residents, or visitors, we ensure everyone finds their idea of fun. We delve into the rich tapestry of cultures and people, by transforming spaces to resonate deeply and evoke powerful emotions, leaving a lasting impact.


With our Architects of Happiness leading the way, we have the expertise and experience to transform even the most ambitious placemaking visions into reality. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we unlock opportunities that others simply can't match.


We love a challenge. We love what we do … and we think you will, too. 

Having worked with Kit and Caboodle for the past 5 years I have always found them easy to work with and are always clear and accurate in their presentations and budgeting. They are always professional and efficient yet remaining fun to work with when onsite. Beyond this, they bring a level of creativity and ideation that is fresh and exciting. I look forward to working with them again in the future.


Events and Enlivenment Manager, 


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