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Holi Festival Theme Celebration

We were challenged to create two awesome Holi parties in London for restauranteurs Dishoom where 2,000 excited children and adults could fling powdered paint at one another? Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours, where party-goers throw paint in celebration.


Full turn key event management and creative production. It was a challenge persuading a venue to accommodate such a messy activity! We sourced a suitable venue in Bethnal Green. The whole interior was wrapped in polythene to protect the walls and floor from the avalanche of powdered paint (over one ton!) that was about to descend.

An army of cleaners was recruited to clean up between the daytime and evening parties.

A riot of colour and fun, our client was very satisfied with our innovative approach to the project. We invited grafitti artist Inkie along to host kids workshops during the day, decorating the polythene walls with Indian street art inspired artworks.

Kavi Thakrar, one of the Founder-Wallas of Dishoom was thrilled. “Kit & Caboodle brought buckets of fun and creativity to the party. The decoration of the walls with graffiti by Inkie provided a fun interactive element for adults and children alike. They added their own scribbles and drawings to the already-colourful walls - merging art, culture and fun – Holi brilliant!”

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