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Argent | Site wide lighting Christmas

Illuminating the way at Kings Cross Estate


The Challenge

To provide a cohesive site wide lighting scheme for the Kings Cross Estate, brightening up the ambiance during the dark winter evenings to create a safe and inviting environment for shoppers, commuters, office workers and residents.

Insight and Ambition

Acknowledging the client's recurring need for site-wide lighting, we embarked on a quest to explore high-quality lighting solutions that could serve as long-term assets. Our ambition was to elevate the standard of lighting across the estate, spreading costs over three years for a cost-effective solution. Through innovative landscape and lighting designs, we aimed to encourage exploration of upscale retail outlets in King’s Cross, boosting destination marketing, business, and creating a vibrant atmosphere in surrounding F&B outlets.


  • A spectacular 45ft Hero Christmas Tree.

  • The hero neon ‘scribble tree’ which has gained much popularity.

  • 160+ site wide trees dressed in pea lights with 1000s of metres of festoon lighting.

  • Way-finding lit installations across the site encouraging exploration.

  • Energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED lights, reduced energy consumption and operational costs - whilst lighting up some of the site’s most outstanding architecture.

The ever expanding Kings Cross Estate has gained popularity as the “must see” destination for shopping food and fun in the run-up to Christmas.


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