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From Brookfield with love


Having successfully installed colourful and imaginative artistic seating installations in shared public realm and tenancy outdoor spaces for Brookfield Properties recently, we were invited by the client to come up with a creative concept for an unusual experiential event. Their ambitious aim was to engage their top agents and enthuse them about identifying potential tenants for their spaces.


We suggested this would be a great opportunity to “show off” the spaces by engaging us to develop and deliver a secret-service experience that included everything from a high-adrenaline combat training area with rifle-shooting, card throwing and code-breaking to a speed chase across the City, a bespoke Casino and some well-earned colourful cocktails, aptly named in keeping with the theme “From Brookfield with Love”.

Vacant floors may have spectacular views, as these did, but to fully appreciate the resource on offer, our challenge was to both entertain and educate their posse of property champions in a memorable way, by staging a series of linked events across the buildings to show the spaces at their best.


This was achieved by working closely with the Brookfield team to develop and deliver a secret-service themed activity that saw slightly nervous guests being whisked out of a plush reception, through “spoof” security and into a high-adrenaline combat training area where special op. team leaders put them through their paces on rifle-shooting, card throwing, code-breaking and a lot more. Not to mention a stunt cat called Harvey Nichols, and a frogman who was wandering around in flippers clutching a box of Milk Tray.

After a “siege” by the “baddies” the new agents were whisked in a speed chase across the City to another property where they were taken on a whistle-stop tour of a couple of empty floors, interrupted by well-known characters from a number of spy/thriller movies.

Their “mission” was finally accomplished in a bespoke Casino and after a few well-earned colourful cocktails with names like “Casino Royale” and “From Russia With Love,” they went downstairs to the Plaza area, elegantly dressed in a Miami/Palm Springs pastel vibe, to swap stories and relax with Brookfield staff.

As a team, we’re experienced at turning our creative concepts into full production. Our turnkey service was just what was needed to realise this complex experiential event, across two venues, in a short time frame. We worked with skilled artisans, designers, military operative specialists, scriptwriters, directors and a team of dedicated actors to deliver this installation.

Being aware of the concerns around Covid-19 social and continued hygiene controls was critical to the devising and roll-out experience.

Coming out of Covid restrictions, Brookfield are to be congratulated on their courage in taking on such an unusual project … and their enthusiastic guest feedback says it all!


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