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It's A Wrap!

In the words of Lewis Carroll “One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others” – We want to thank our wonderful Mad Hatters Gin & Tea Party team both on the frontline and behind the scenes for helping to bring about a rare season of laughter and fun. This started behind an anonymous sort of Hat Shop door and transported thousands of people into Wonderland over the last 7 months, during which time we welcomed 8,500 amazing guests. 

This was a first for Kit and Caboodle, working in partnership with Fever to produce this incredible event. Preparations started over a year ago now with a go-live date mid-September 2019.

Our run was cut short due to Covid-19 but we feel fortunate for the amazing run we had. We poured 34,000 gin cocktails, lovingly prepared 9,000 cucumber sandwiches, 2,000 litres of gin was imbibed in Wonderland and we had an infinite number of laughs with loads of silly hats! We’ve had hen nights, birthdays aplenty, girls nights out and we even had one marriage proposal! She said yes! 

Our team naturally expanded to work on this project prior to launch and included so many talented individuals including, script writers, theatrical directors, creative production managers, set designers, scenic painters all straight from the film industry. But it wasn’t only “creative types” that worked tirelessly to get The Mad Hatters G&T Party ready to open. There were H&S specialists, licensing lawyers, compliance consultants, HR officers, various suppliers, the list is long.

Then a few weeks before opening came the enlisting of a general manager, the bar and support team, actors and security. Between them all, they made an incredible impact and made Mad Hatters a resounding success. Thank you all so much.

We couldn’t sign off without sharing some more candid and certainly less polished images from behind the scenes of some of the team. Great memories made.

So, for now we wait until it’s safe to come back outside and the next immersive adventure can begin. The cogs are turning and the wheels are in motion, so watch this space, we will update you when we can……. As the White Queen from 'Through the Looking Glass' once said, we continue to believe in six impossible things before breakfast  – when the time is right, we’ll meet again. 

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