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Embracing spring and sustainable comfort at Granary Square


The Challenge

How do we transform the Granary Square canal steps at the King’s Cross site into a welcoming social space, fostering connections and comfort as we transition out of social distancing measures and into the summer season?

Insight and Ambition

We aimed to transform the Granary Square canal steps into a serene, garden-like space, fostering comfortable reconnection after social distancing. Inspired by seasonal changes and the energy of spring, our design encourages socially distanced gatherings while blending nature and community. Sustainability was prioritized to ensure lasting integrity, reflecting our commitment to enduring spaces.


Pop-up garden with comfy seating for spring relaxation among flowers.

Inspired by spring and nature, the designs soften the urban space with organic shapes.

The installation was brought to life by beautiful perennials emerging from the planter beds to provide a sea of greenery with splashes of colour

Salvaged timber was upcycled into planters and seats, adding rustic charm sustainably.

Lounger seats were strategically spaced for safe gatherings, maintaining social distance.

The spot, popular among crowds, showcased 90% of the furniture's wood in its natural state, accentuated by a deep varnish, with lime green panels promoting greenery and sustainability.


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