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We are taking 'The Happy House' and 'Beaming' on the joyful tour

Get ready, world - ‘Happy House’ and ‘Beaming’ are hitting the road! Following their triumphant display in the heart of London, the Architects of Happiness are taking these exceptional installations on a tour. Why? Because of the instantaneous positive impact, they've had—evoking smiles and instilling a sense of well-being, confidence, and happiness.

Happy House, a feel-good walk-in immersive installation, and Beaming, a social media-inspired masterpiece, transcend traditional artworks; they're immersive experiences that induce smiles, positivity, and an immediate sense of well-being. We explored emotional alchemy to stir curiosity, cultivate connection and uplift the human spirit. These works are designed to bring places to life and have a positive impact.

Happy House

"The Happy House", a feel-good walk-in immersive installation meticulously crafted by the Architects of Happiness. Nestled within a vibrant, dopamine-infused visual aesthetic, this uplifting experience transcends the mundane, offering a haven of positivity during the shorter days of autumn and winter. Motion-activated 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' lighting, sacred geometry, and a bespoke soundscape converge to inspire relaxation, heightened focus, creativity, and mindfulness. 

Every facet of "The Happy House" is an ode to the transformative power of joy. Created with meticulous attention to color psychology trends, where brighter and lighter hues evoke optimism, it aims to make every interaction a celebration of exuberance. The immersive light experience of The Happy House can cast away the winter blues, bringing forth an effervescent celebration of positivity and connection.


"Beaming" by Architects of Happiness is a captivating pentaptych installation designed as a celebration of positivity and connection. Comprising five seamlessly woven pieces, it forms an elegant 'S' shape, visually captivating and encouraging exploration. Serving as a radiant bridge in our disconnected world, "Beaming" transcends cultural barriers through the universal language of smiles. It invites visitors to experience the uplifting elixir of well-being with sustainability, excellence, and innovation infused into the urban landscape.

The artwork employs a curated palette of '90s-inspired colors known for their mood-enhancing qualities, creating a visual symphony designed to uplift spirits. To address winter challenges, "Beaming" incorporates Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lighting, activated by motion, enhancing the experience with relaxation, increased focus, and mindfulness. The dynamic lighting, coupled with the mesmerizing aesthetics, not only brightens the place but also playfully reminds us of the power of shared joy.

Our mission is simple: to spread joy and craft unforgettable moments. The Architects of Happiness cordially invite you to join this journey. If the prospect of having Happy House and Beaming grace your location, elevating spirits and illuminating spaces, excites you, reach out. Let's illuminate more cities, share more smiles, and create enchanting memories. For destination marketing, placemaking, or any inquiries, contact us at

The Architects of Happiness stand ready to bring joy to your doorstep - where should we go next?


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