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Let There Be Light

Light is a powerful tool for creating ambiance, setting the mood, and engaging audiences. For our experiential design team, the power of illumination is unparalleled. From cavernous spaces to narrow transitory corridors, strategic lighting design can be used to guide and transport guests on their journey or simply surprise and delight. Our creative team here at Kit and Caboodle love collaborating with artists and lighting designers who are passionate about creating atmospheres using illumination techniques to inspire and move people. We enjoy creating both feature light art installations and curating sitewide lighting across the public realm. 

A Symphony of Light and Shadows

Innovative lighting design embraces darkness; it's an art form that plays with light and shadows to create a symphony of visual delight. By strategically placing lights along sidewalks, buildings, and public spaces, we are able to sculpt the urban landscape into a masterpiece.

Architectural Embrace

One of the key elements of Sitewide Lighting is its ability to accentuate the architectural beauty of a city. In Kings Cross, we carefully curated lighting designs that embraced the unique features of the area, turning each building and structure into a canvas for artistic expression.

Enhancing the Urban Experience

Cities are not just concrete jungles; they are living, breathing entities. Sitewide Lighting is a powerful tool to enhance the urban experience. It creates inviting pathways, highlights landmarks, and adds a layer of safety and warmth to public spaces.

Energy-Efficient Brilliance

Sustainability is at the core of modern design. Public realm illumination isn't just about brilliance; it's about doing more with less. By utilizing energy-efficient technologies, we ensure that the magic of illumination doesn't come at the cost of the environment.

Community Engagement

Lighting up a neighborhood isn't a solo performance; it's a community affair. The process involves understanding preferences of the client and local residents, and creating a lighting design that resonates with the community spirit. In Kings Cross, this collaborative approach resulted in a lighting display that felt like a collective celebration.

Interactive Illumination

We love to explore dynamic, interactive, and responsive lighting schemes. Imagine a city that reacts to its inhabitants—the play of light responding to footsteps, weather, or even special events. This interactivity adds an extra layer of magic, turning a stroll through the city into a captivating experience.

Future-Forward Designs

The world of design is ever-evolving, and urban illumination design is no exception. As we continue to experiment with cutting-edge technologies, we pave the way for future-forward designs. Imagine a city that not only lights up but communicates, evolves, and tells a story.


The work we do with light is more than an aesthetic enhancement; it's a narrative woven in light, a story told through shadows and brilliance. In our recent endeavor in Kings Cross, we didn't just illuminate the streets; we crafted an experience, inviting residents and visitors alike to see the city in a new light—literally. As we continue to explore the boundaries of urban illumination, the magic of Sitewide Lighting will persist, transforming cities into works of art.

Kit and Caboodle transformed a large warehouse-style venue into an intimate and captivating space centered around the theme of "Connectivity." Guests were treated to an immersive experience, sparking conversations and delight as they explored the venue. The highlight of the evening was the technicolor dining area, unveiled by a vibrant spectrum of light. A central 16-meter-long aerial installation, comprised of strings of varying heights, was illuminated by LED lights, casting a mesmerizing array of rich colors and serving as the centerpiece of the space.

"The Happy House", a feel-good walk-in immersive installation meticulously crafted by the Architects of Happiness, offered a haven of positivity during the shorter days of autumn and winter. Motion-activated 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' lighting, sacred geometry, and a bespoke soundscape converged to inspire relaxation, heightened focus, creativity, and mindfulness. Every facet of "The Happy House" was an ode to the transformative power of joy. From the infectious smiles it elicited to the playful reminder of holiday excitement, this radiant installation served as a testament to the universal language of happiness. Created with meticulous attention to color psychology trends, where brighter and lighter hues evoke optimism, it aimed to make every interaction a celebration of exuberance.

"Beaming" by Architects of Happiness was a captivating pentaptych installation designed as a celebration of positivity and connection. Comprising five seamlessly woven pieces, it formed an elegant 'S' shape, visually captivating and encouraging exploration. Serving as a radiant bridge in our disconnected world, "Beaming" transcended cultural barriers through the universal language of smiles. It invited visitors to experience the uplifting elixir of well-being with sustainability, excellence, and innovation infused into the urban landscape. The artwork employed a curated palette of '90s-inspired colors known for their mood-enhancing qualities, creating a visual symphony designed to uplift spirits. To address winter challenges, "Beaming" incorporated Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lighting, activated by motion, enhancing the experience with relaxation, increased focus, and mindfulness. The dynamic lighting, coupled with the mesmerizing aesthetics, not only brightened the place but also playfully reminded us of the power of shared joy.

In our recent endeavor to illuminate Kings Cross, we embarked on a journey to transform this iconic urban landscape into a captivating nocturnal spectacle. Through a symphony of light and shadows, we accentuated the architectural beauty of the area, turning each building and public space into a canvas for artistic expression. Our thoughtful lighting designs embraced the unique features of Kings Cross, creating inviting pathways, highlighting landmarks, and adding a layer of safety and warmth to the streets. This project wasn't just about banishing darkness; it was about fostering a sense of community and celebration. By collaborating closely with local residents and stakeholders, we crafted a lighting display that resonated with the spirit of the neighborhood, inviting residents and visitors alike to experience the city in a new light—quite literally.

Taking blank canvas space, The Vinyl Factory, Kit and Caboodle curated a unique storytelling experience for Icelandair, using light as one of the design pillars throughout the spaces in the venue. The Land zone incorporated the Blue Lagoon with its picturesque water features as guests were invited to step down into an illusion of the geothermal seawater - the vibrant blue water, edged with black volcanic rock and steam emanating from within, recreated the effect of gazing across the landscape of the 63rd parallel, using colored light to create a stunning effect. A mirrored wall gave light reflections, recreating the seemingly endless vistas across the Blue Lagoon. The Ice Experience was an installation that blended images and light to create an immersive environment. Scenic Icelandic photos were manipulated to create mesmerizing effects referencing the Icelandic environment. An informal multi-height seating area with reactive lighting led guests towards a projection screen where partner content was displayed partnered with wireless headphones for viewing. Different colored light as a design component was also used in the walk-through ice tunnel creating a remarkable visual experience.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please do reach out, and we'll be delighted to talk with you.


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