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Kit and Caboodle Experiential Event Prod


Research has shown how successful placemaking can impact favourably on health, wellbeing and community.


Building largely on urban design principles, and working with communities where appropriate. Kit & Caboodle support developers with installation based and digitally supported placemaking activities and activations for various sites engaging user communities in existing and new spaces, thus creating greater value. With the in house expertise and experience Kit & Caboodle has to draw upon, any space can be repurposed to provide additional revenue, generate interest in the building, with a view to sell or develop further, and in turn benefiting the immediate locale during any activation.

Whether the ultimate goal is to sell, redevelop or repurpose the space, Kit & Caboodle will be with you at every phase to ensure an optimal return on investment. With a focus on ‘feel good’ placemaking across developmental sites, our concepts are cost effective, timely, considerate, socially acceptable and sustainable. 


We understand that developers will be looking to us to support them with creative ideas and installations giving flexibility on delivery timings and allowing for social distancing measures to be realised. With creative input, landscape can be developed to fulfil changing needs without detriment to pedestrian flow, or the consumer experience. We work collaboratively with you to outline a strategic roadmap for the venue, irrespective of short or long term development objectives


We’ve welcomed and entertained 10,000 people at Battersea Power Station during Easter and installed an Instagram sensation with Principal Place ‘Park’ to drive footfall and interest to the latest City of London development. 

Kit & Caboodle have the ability to work with you in different ways, as a partner, a supplier or a tenant.  Irrespective of the opportunity, K&C will adapt to any relationship, ensuring a successful project is deliveredWhatever it is we’re doing, Kit and Caboodle use imaginative and meaningful experiences to connect your space with your audience.



How we do it

  • By offering a turn-key solution from creative concept generation to production delivery

  • By providing invaluable strategic insight and inspired solutions

  • By delivering on time and to budget

  • By loving what we do

  • By executing exceptionally


Placemaking in the Time of COVID-19

Placemaking 2020 - Summer & Beyond


"Tanya and her team at Kit & Caboodle were creative and responsive to our need for something special and unique. They created a green park with oversized furniture and brightly coloured accents that drew crowds and added to the look and feel of our public piazza. A pleasure to work with, we look forward to working with them again."



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